April 30, 2009

Some extras

Now I share with you some information about me and the blog.

About me: originally I'm electrical enginer, but I'm not really interested in integrated circuits. :) My profession is network security and wireless technology. As (currently) I'm a PhD student at BME, Budapest, Hungary (GMT+1), I research cryptography and network security (botnets are my best friends :).

BUT: I found search engine optimization interesting, because being in the no. 1. position in a SERP is a bit similar to hack computer systems. :) Why? Because you have to find out, how to "hack" the search engine to be put your site to the no 1. pos. So, this is the reason why this blog is called "searchack".

How search engines work? They really create a lot of statistics from a website and from these stats they generate the search results. If you have all the statistics available, maybe you can easily find out how can you push your site to the no. 1. pos.

The only reasonable way to create these stats are computer programs. These are the SEO tools. Lots of tools are available on the Internet, but the common problem with them are their simplicity. You can check e.g. one of your pages for keywords, but you cannot follow the changes. In addition, you should check manually all of your pages.

Okay. To summarize, my goal is to create an SEO tool, with which everyone can easily follow the changes of her/his website and can realize, what kind of modifications are needed to be on the top!

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