May 6, 2009

SEO - Getting Website Properties

How can we get the properties of our website? I’ll show you some example.

Getting the URL: I think, it is easy, because everybody knows the name of his/her website :) If no, which site would you like to optimize? :)

Getting the IP address: It is a little bit tricky but everyone can find out the IP address of a website. You can do it in your browser or in your operating system. The browser-based solution is the following: write into Google (I mean into a search engine :) the phrase “website IP address” and click on the first result. It is for me. Put your domain name to the search text, and you will get your reward!
You can use your operating system’s built-in tools as well; open a command line (win) or a terminal (linux, mac) and type: “ping” and you can catch the IP address of the site.

If you want to see more information about a website, you will have to use the whois service. On the web, just search for the word “whois” and click to the first result. Type the address and voila :) Under linux (unix) you can use the whois command as well.

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