May 5, 2009

SEO: the most important parameters

Today I start writing about SEO things. I've a list about the most important factors that matters for search engines, and thus, SEO. The core question is that what kind of information we have about a website? What a SE robot sees on our website?

Ok, here is my short list:
  1. Website parameters
  2. Website content
  3. Backlinks (links that refer to our site)

And these are the roots of all evil :) Let’s take a deeper look!

Website parameters (‘physical’):
  • website URL: e.g.:
  • website IP: e.g.:
  • website age: 0y 16d (ehh :)

Website parameters (‘logical’): computed by different algorithms
  • PR, Alexa rank, etc.

Website content:
  • number of pages, page names
  • content of individual pages
  • keyword density (for a page, for the whole site)
  • outgoing links
  • correlation (relationships among pages), e.g. content correlation
  • lexical analysis
  • content/code ratio
  • etc.

  • from different domains
  • from different IPs
  • with different title and anchor text
  • from pages with different PR (or other values), trustiness
  • linkfarms, black lists and paid links
  • one way links and link exchange sites
  • number of backlinks

Basically, that’s all. I’d like to emphasize the word ‘basically’. Why? Because almost all of these parameters have subsets and this is the reason why search engines use about (more than?) 100 parameters to calculate SERPs.

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